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Ask yourself:

“Why would some ordinary guy or gal, risk their lives , lose their career, all for the thankless task of Whistleblowing?”

Uncover the harsh realities of the Whistleblowing process here and find out why Whistleblowing is so vital for a better future. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys?

Get Involved

Get involved and explore one or more of our Shinji Ikari, Jedi Knight or Buffy clans. Why play some silly “lets pretend” game when you can do it for real?

Shinji Ikari

Why me?

Why me?

Shinji’s sad story illustrates the emotional depths reached by Whistleblowers everywhere. His difficult relationships are typical of those who decide to do what is right and save the world.  Whistleblowers gives real life examples.

Shinji’s world in “Neon Genesis Evangelion” is symbolically very similar to our modern mundane world. Learn what is really going on in this world with Shinji.


With Buffy we learn to save the world in a more spiritual way. We learn what Staking is really about and about real vampyrs and what real world class witches get up to. Who do you think they are? Learn about the hidden world here that you thought was only a story.

Get the point?

Get the Point?

Jedi Knights

For all those budding Jedi Knights here is a real gem:-     “The Death Star is Real!

The downside is that I am not kidding. It has been built, not quite in the form you would expect but it is scheduled to be used in the not too distant future.  So first you must educate yourself in the ways of the force and then your mission is to destroy the Death Star and end the evil Empire.

Death Star

Where is the Death Star?

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